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Penis Envy Vs. Golden Teacher: A Debate Between Two Power Strains

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Penis Envy and Golden Teacher are two varieties of magic mushrooms. They are known for their comparable spiritual and mental enhancement effects. However, gram for gram, penis envy is more potent than the golden teacher, and is sometimes recommended for users with more experience . In contrast, Golden Teacher mushroom is a more beginner-friendly strain due to their slightly less potent effects. Of course anyone can work with any strain of magic mushrooms they like, overall, they are very similar.

In Canada, the use and popularity of magic mushrooms have been growing steadily since 2016. Due to the similarities of all the strains of psilocybe cubensis, the debate over penis envy vs golden teacher, and other strains, often remains a topic of debate and discussion among psychonauts and magic mushroom connoisseurs. This article will clarify the differences between both strains so you can understand a few of the differences and similarities.

Penis Envy vs Golden Teacher: A Comparison Chart

Check out the differences between the two strains at a glance.


Penis envy

Golden teacher


​It is more potent than golden teacher.

Average potency.


​Used for spiritual exploration and therapeutic session/treatment.

​Wide array of uses. From guided therapy sessions, personal introspective journeys and microdosing.


Powerful visual effects, creativity and emotional changes.

​Moderate visual effects, positive mood, spontaneous insights and deep thinking.

​Trip duration

​Longer than other similar strains.

​Average trip duration.


It is less common than many other magic mushrooms, though more available now than it used to be only a few years ago.

​Readily available because of its wide usage.

A Brief History of Penis Envy Mushrooms

Mans hand displaying a cluster of Penis Envy, a strain of psilocybe cubensis

Penis envy is a strain of psychedelic mushroom that belongs to Psilocybe cubensis. The name of the mushroom is influenced by its shape. It provides a similar effect to other mushrooms containing Psilocybin. For example, it can cause hallucinations that affect how you see or think.

The strain is found naturally in various parts of the world. So, pinpointing the origin of penis envy cubensis is a mystery. Penis envy grows in warm and humid environments. Rainforests like the Amazon are ideal locations for this mushroom to thrive.

The variations of penis envy strain include:

  • Albino Penis Envy

  • Penis Envy Uncut

  • Penis Envy Number 6

  • Trans Penis Envy

Penis envy contains psychoactive compounds, including Psilocybin, psilocin, and other tryptamine derivatives. When consumed, Psilocybin is converted into psilocin in the body. After being processed, it then creates the psychoactive effects.

The therapeutic use of these mushrooms offers several benefits. It can enhance creativity, problem-solving skills, and deepens our thinking capacity. Sometimes, psilocybin is used to treat certain mental health conditions like anxiety and depression, it is even known to help treat PTSD, often times in one session. The amount of massive, immediate shifts in serious health conditions is the very mechanism that is causing psilocybin and other psychedelic therapies to spread. On the other hand, many users also consume them to have more of a “trip”, be it for enjoyment or for spiritual or psychological work/exploration. Many people who first try magic mushrooms for enjoyment, often find themselves having unexpected breakthroughs in their own mental health.

Penis envy can take us on a potent journey. Therefore, to ensure a beneficial experience, one should always ensure their mind set and environment are in alignment with their goals. Proper planning and preparation can help us avoid bad trips and the discomfort that comes with them.

The Golden Teacher Mushrooms in Short

psilocybe cubensis golden teacher mushroom strain in it's growth phase

Golden Teachers are also a type of psychedelic mushrooms with a different appearance and psychoactive properties than Penis Envy. Their origin is unknown, but the species also belong to the Psilocybe cubensis family. The mushrooms can grow in different geographic locations. This strain was discovered in the late 20th century.

Golden Teachers also include the psychedelic compound psilocybin, which is responsible for psychoactive effects. So, its consumption causes changes in perception, mood, and cognition.

Golden Teachers have no major variations. However, the strain’s appearance and potency can differ based on growing conditions and cultivation methods.

These mushrooms are usually chosen for guided psilocybin therapy under the supervision of an experienced guide. They are often what is used to treat conditions like anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Consumption of golden teachers may enhance your ability to think creatively and solve problems. You may notice a significant change in thoughts, emotions, and life experiences. However, the opposite can happen in case of a bad trip. This can be avoided with the guidance of someone with experience or a little pre-trip planning. We always recommend first timers at least have a friend or family member who is informed, in case support is needed.

Cultivation Requirements: Penis Envy vs Golden Teacher

Penis Envy and Golden Teacher mushrooms have different cultivation processes. But you can grow both strains using standard mushroom-growing techniques.

Penis Envy mushrooms require a nutritious substrate. To prepare the layer, you need a mixture of vermiculite, brown rice flour, and water. Moreover, a combination of rye, wheat, or wild birdseed is also used. Pasteurized straw or supplemented hardwood sawdust can also be used for larger-scale cultivation.

On the other hand, Golden Teachers are more adaptable and easier to grow. It is a suitable strain for beginners in mushroom cultivation. Cultivators widely favour them due to their indoor cultivation and relatively straightforward process. This mushroom receives nutrients from cow or horse dung. They need subtropical environments with high humidity and temperatures between 75°F and 85°F for better growth.

The growth of both strains mostly depends on the proper environmental conditions. They require accurate temperature, humidity, and light. The cultivation of mushrooms for the market is almost exclusively done indoors. All year round you can find mushroom farming in Canada.

Availability of Penis Envy and Golden Teacher In Canada

two Penis Envy variety of psilocybe cubensis displayed side by side

Both strains are available to mushroom suppliers in Canada in various forms. Up until recently, the most common form of mushrooms sold has been plain, dried mushrooms. Now with the interest in microdosing magic mushrooms, we are seeing mushroom capsules, gummies and chocolates becoming very popular due to their convenience for microdosing. And let’s face it, very few people enjoy the taste of magic mushrooms. Nowadays, penis envy and the golden teacher are widely available in capsules, edible chocolate bars, gummies and more.

Consumers' interest in magic mushrooms in Canada is growing. You can shop for them online and get them shipped Canada-wide, including British Columbia, Montreal, Yukon, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and more.

However, like anything, not all microdose blends are made equal. If possible, the supplier should be a trained medical herbalist who offers proven quality assurance and supportive herbs to enhance the effects of the microdose. Also, if possible, ensure that the mushrooms are grown in an organic substrate and sourced from trusted growers to get quality products.

Differences in Appearance between Penis Envy and Golden Teacher

The growing conditions, environmental factors and age can change the appearance of mushrooms. Therefore, identifying one can be challenging. Here are the visible characteristics you will notice in their appearance.

Penis Envy Mushrooms:

This mushroom is smaller in size but has a thicker stem than most other strains. Thanks to the thicker stem, it looks an awful lot like a penis, which of course influences its name. Penis envy spores are fewer compared to the golden teacher.

The colour of penis envy can be light or dark brown. At the early stage of the mushroom, its veil can partly or entirely cover the gills.

Golden Teacher Mushrooms:

This mushroom has a classic shape with a convex cap. Golden teacher spores are more in number compared to that of penis envy. This popular strain is usually golden in appearance. But the colour can be light yellow or tan as well.

During the young period, its veil covers the gills. However, it breaks when the mushroom becomes mature.

Note: If you ever need to differentiate penis envy and golden teacher from other mushrooms, get help from a professional, like a mycologist. As some similar mushrooms can be toxic, never consume or use one without 100% confirmation.

Potency between Penis Envy and Golden Teacher Strains

The potency of penis envy and golden teacher can vary depending on several factors. Even the individual reactions can vary. However, the general observations are listed below:

Among the other strains of Psilocybe cubensis, penis envy has stronger potency. A smaller dose of the mushroom can provide a consumer with an intense experience and psychedelic effects.

On the other hand, golden teacher mushrooms have average potency. Its effects are more predictable and manageable. That’s why this strain is popular among beginners, therapists and microdosers. It provides a balanced psychedelic experience to the consumer with manageable effects.

Differences in Psychological Effects

Both magic mushrooms have nearly the same psychological effect. But penis envy has heightened potency as compared to golden teachers. Check the descriptions of both mushrooms below:

Penis Envy effects:

  • The surrounding colours, patterns, and shapes may appear different. Even you may notice moving or breathing objects.

  • Your mood can significantly change, which can make your emotions strong.

  • The duration of the feeling may feel everlasting.

  • You may enter into a mysterious spiritual experience.

  • Your perception of life and reality can be changed.

  • The capability of hearing, smelling, and seeing can be strengthened.

  • You may feel more creative, and unique thoughts can arise.

Golden Teacher effects:

  • You may see very subtle colours, patterns, and visuals. Even objects may seem lively.

  • It can boost your mood to the highest level and cause extreme joy.

  • Some users may feel a spiritual awareness.

  • Your creativity or way of thinking can be noticeably improved.

  • It can bring mindfulness, where you are highly aware of the present moment.

  • Your sensitivity to touch, taste, and sound can be higher.

Dosage: Penis Envy vs Golden Teacher

Macrodosing magic mushroom dosing guide

Both mushrooms can be taken in micro and macro dosage. However, the consumption portion must be set by a professional herbalist. Taking them in random amounts can cause no or extremely uncontrolled effects. The general recommendation is to start with a low penis envy dose or golden teacher dose and enhance later as you adapt.

Here is a brief discussion about magic mushrooms' micro and macro doses.

Micro dosing:

This dose means regularly taking small amounts of psychedelic substances. Here, the consumption level is kept below the level where the psychoactive effect begins. Some studies have found various benefits of micro-dosing of magic mushrooms.

Microdosing of penis envy and golden teacher can improve your mood, reduce anxiety, and enhance focus. The chart below shows the pattern of micro-dosing.

Dosing pattern


Suitable for


50mg to 100mg

​Beginners and highly sensitive people.


100mg to 200mg

People with average body weight and a standard tolerance.


200mg to 500mg.

Experienced users with fair body weight.

When microdosing, in order to ensure we do not build up a tolerance to psilocybin, we must take rest days in between our dose days.

Dosing Frequency:

A. 4 days on / 3 days off

B. Every 3rd day

Macro dosing:

It indicates taking a larger amount of psychedelics. Macrodosing results in noticeable psychoactive effects, which feel high. It may promote a new way of thinking in the user. However, you must have sufficient preparation to avoid negative experiences. Here is a chart showing the pattern of macro dosing.

Dosing pattern


Light dose

​0.5 to 2 grams

Standard dose

​2 to 3+ grams

Heroic dose

5+ grams

Note: The magic mushroom dosage mentioned here is based on the average tolerance of users. For a safe and beneficial experience, you must carefully consider your tolerance level and pick the strain.

Precautions while consuming psychedelic mushrooms:

Before taking a dose of penis envy or golden teacher mushrooms, check these points for safety.

1. Knowledge and awareness:

Psychedelic mushrooms have some potential effects and risks. So, educate yourself about the specific characteristics of the chosen strain, whether it is penis envy, golden teacher or another.

2. Dosage consideration:

Different mushrooms have unique potencies. Even the individual sensitivity varies. So, you can start with a low dose to monitor the reaction. Avoid overdosing at any cost, as you can get negative experiences.

3. State of mental health:

In the case of specific mental conditions, consuming such mushrooms can worsen mental health. If you have a history of psychosis or schizophrenia, taking them is hazardous.

4. Medical conditions:

If you already have a particular medical condition or are going through specific medical therapy, you must be cautious about taking penis envy and golden teacher mushrooms. Some medications can interact with these psychedelic mushrooms and cause adverse effects.

5. Hydration and nutrition:

To be eligible to consume magic mushrooms, your diet must contain proper nutrients. Ensure that your body is well-hydrated as well. But, consuming mushrooms immediately after a heavy meal is discouraged.

6. Allergic reactions:

Are you allergic to mushrooms? Then, you can start with a small amount and monitor the effect. If it causes no reaction, you can continue. But, consult a herbalist in case of any adverse reactions.

Choosing the Right Strain for You between Penis Envy and Golden Teacher

Buying magic mushrooms in Canada is very common now. But, choosing the appropriate strain is crucial. Here are the factors to consider when selecting a strain from these two mushrooms.

Potency and effects:

Individual mushrooms have different potency due to their growing conditions and processing. Therefore, these two strains may provide unique effects. In general, penis envy has a stronger effect compared to the golden teacher.

Golden teacher mushroom is generally preferred to beginners, microdosing and therapy as it provides a calmer experience. On the other hand, advanced consumers may choose penis envy for their mind-altering capability, even with a lower dosage.

Personal goals:

Your personal goal directly influences the choice between these two mushrooms. The golden teacher is often used for their therapeutic and spiritual qualities. They are ideal for users who cautiously want to explore the psychedelic experience.

Similarly, if your goal is to seek a powerful psychedelic experience, penis envy is a suitable choice. It has more powerful potency and transformative effects, but it must be consumed in a controlled way.


The availability of certain strains can vary depending on your living location. Some online shops sell penis envy and golden teacher mushrooms all over Canada. You can order one and get it delivered to your home. But you should ensure that you are choosing a reliable supplier with consistent quality and dosing of the mushrooms.

Legal considerations:

In some countries and states, selling, storing and using such mushrooms is illegal. You must also consider if they are permitted in your location. Before choosing one, ensure that you are aware of the local law. That being said, psilocybin is currently in a grey area, being legal in some cases, and illegal in others. Across Canada, it is at a similar stage to where cannabis was a couple of years before official legalization, with many stores selling it openly even before its official legal status was granted. But as Graham Hancock says, who has the right to police these ancient psychedelic compounds used by civilizations for centuries to enhance the human experience.

Final Words

When choosing between Penis Envy vs Golden Teacher mushrooms, your personal goals are what matter most. Penis Envy is more potent and provides a deep centered feeling after consuming at accurate dosing. On the other hand, Golden Teacher is a blessing for beginners and advanced users who either want a milder spiritual journey or a more consistent way to dose.

Remember that any psilocybin strains can massively alter your psychological condition. Therefore, whether penis envy dosing or golden teacher dosing, ensure you are following the recommended practice for having a psychedelic macrodose journey and the proper dosing and rest days for microdosing.


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