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I, like many people, began my healing journey out of necessity. I had unresolved childhood trauma, and health issues that seemed to keep compounding over time. I eventually hit rock bottom, and, unable to function, and after being turned away by the western medical system, I began my journey of healing and discovery. 


Even many “alternative” practitioners were unable to give me answers, and I think most people can relate to this—I was forced to begin researching for myself, and finding out what worked for me. This eventually led me to formally study western herbal medicine (Phytotherapy or Medical/Clinical Herbalism), as well as other modalities. I have a diploma of Phytotherapy, as well as a diploma of Holistic Nutrition, with many modalities covered in my training, from Ayurveda to TCM and others. While I do love working with patients, one of my biggest passions is working with medicine—formulating and preparing it.


Microdosing came to me exactly when I needed it most. Covid had just started, and I had some huge personal loss and transition at the same time. My world had been turned upside down, and the right medicine presented itself--it is microdosing that gave me the peace and acceptance to, day by day, not only get through, but to begin to thrive, to find my higher self, and to ultimately dive deeper within. This has led to healing and growth that I could never have experienced without this timeless medicine.


It has brought me so much joy, not only putting my extensive schooling and experience to work formulating our lineup, but continuing to prepare medicine every week, and hearing the tremendous feedback from our customers—similar healing and growth, life changing experiences, from this gentle, wise, beautiful medicine.


I am trained in the actions, interactions, formulation and prescription of hundreds of herbs and mushrooms from all over the world. This is the medicine that humans have used since the beginning of time, medicine that has evolved along with us, so much so that many plant constituents have their own receptor sites in the body. Unlike drugs, which are foreign to the body (which is why they have such high rates of side effects and harm), plants (and fungi) are recognized and utilized effectively by the body. It is extremely rare to have side effects when dispensed properly. Another huge benefit of natural medicine, is that most herbs (and fungi) combine well together, providing synergy, enhancement, and even the ability to easily and harmlessly offset an action that may be undesirable (ex. One herb may be quite cooling, so adding a warming herb to counter this action).

Natural Herbs

Founder 2

My life has been one of exploring alternative solutions. I work in the fields of mycology,  regenerative farming/permaculture, natural building, complementary medicine and plasma physics.  While I was in the midst of growing psilocybin mushrooms, more and more friends and family wanted to try microdosing and most of them didn't want to grind up mushrooms and figure out the dosage for themselves. It was at this time my future mycology partner and old friend would have a conversation that led to us teaming up to create our line up of psilocybin products under the umbrella of The Golden Teacher.

In my early years, I grappled with mental and physical health challenges that many of you may relate to. Vague neuropathy, constant fatigue, on and off anxiety, OCD, distracting thought patterns and hard to reach cognitive fog were giving me a lack of clarity in my daily life that I knew was an imbalance I should be able to do something about. The frustration and regular annoyance left me spending a lot of time seeking solutions. Relief was hard to come by, so it's a good thing I enjoy rabbit holes.

Back and forth over the years, I turned to both conventional and unconventional solutions, hoping for a respite. But each attempt only brought fleeting relief, if any at all, and the underlying issues remained unresolved. The frustration of this endless cycle was palpable, and I yearned for the day I would sense a shift in how I was feeling.

Since I had already have discovered magic mushrooms during my high school years, that opened doors to new perspectives and several key shifts in awareness. Through the instant insights and realizations that unfolded during those early experiences, I had gained a sense of the potential psilocybin held for transformative experiences. However, it wasn't until 2018, when the research and emerging culture around microdosing psychedelics was starting take form, that I decided to find out what else psilocybin had to teach me.

With renewed perspective and curiosity of what was possible, I burrowed more deeply into the world of psilocybin mushrooms. From cultivating mushrooms and microdosing recipes to it's history and of course, lots of time reviewing the scientific studies and piecing together a picture from reading and listening to the anecdotes of people's transformative psychedelic experiences. The more I learned, the more I became convinced.

At some point during our journey of understanding psilocybin and the reality of psychedelic supplementation, after crossing paths with so many experienced growers, therapists and researchers, in 2021, we decided we wanted to help support people in their microdosing journey, to educate, answer questions and to make it accessible and available.

Welcome To The Golden Teacher

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