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Having never tried microdosing, I didn’t know where to begin and was quite nervous to embark on this journey. I found Golden Teacher Co’s page and appreciated the ethos of genuinely wanting to support the well being of others. I tried the Micro100 and after a few months it’s like a dirty lens has been removed from my vision. I’m happier, more calm, and feel more spiritually connected to my place in the web of life. I’m content in a way I didn’t know was possible for me. 10/10 recommend!


I looked at your site many times before purchasing Golden Teacher. As a medical professional I was reassured by the information shared on the website. I have used mushrooms in the distant past but was hesitant to purchase due to the risks of present day. I felt confident that I could trust your product to be genuine and safe. The service was swift and discreet.

Barb K.

Mushrooms feel like friends to me. Golden Teachers have helped support me over the past few months as I’ve navigated through the subtleties of developing a kinder relationship to my body and my being a human. I’ve started to see more clearly when I’m thinking an experience is me rather than something I’m passing through or is passing through me. Mushroom journeys help me to be more truthful to myself even if I struggle to do so with others. Golden Teachers in particular have a way of gently opening my awareness to how connected we all are and are helping me break through all the genetic and social conditioning that tells me I’m not connected.


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At The Golden Teacher, as growers and medical herbalists with first hand experience of the need and benefit for our products, our aim is to make this powerful natural support available to all in need.

All of our blends are formulated and crafted by a professionally trained Medical Herbalist. All of the ingredients in our blends are either grown in-house by our team of artisan growers, or sourced from quality-assured herbal suppliers.

We use only vegan friendly, and either certified organic or grown locally by farmers practicing organic or better farming methods.

We are a small, Vancouver Island company committed to top quality ingredients and blends.

All of our mushrooms come from one single source.  A small team of artisan growers who are focused on quality over quantity, and who love and appreciate the special properties of Golden Teachers. All of our in-house mushrooms are grown organically and gently harvested at the optimal time. They are then carefully dehydrated at room temperature, to ensure none of the active constituents are denatured through overheating, thus maintaining a full potency product.


Golden Teachers are often seen as the gold standard of entheogenic mushrooms. They are rightfully named for their ability to provide profound shifts in awareness, perspective and consciousness, and provide a more shamanic or spiritual experience than most mushrooms. They are a strain of the species Psilocybe cubensis.

You'll notice that all of our capsules are filled with 500mg of medicinal ingredients. When comparing products, pay attention to the amount of product in each capsule. It's not uncommon for some competitor products to have as little as 100mg of product in their capsules.

We hope you'll benefit from our products formulated, grown and crafted with love and intention. 

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