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The Importance Of Intention

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

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Getting Started With Psychedelics

So, you’ve decided to try micro or macro dosing. Congratulations on having the courage to potentially try something new, dive into possibility and for your curiosity regarding what psilocybin can do for you. You’ve made the decision, placed your order and now maybe you’re waiting for it to arrive. What can you do now? The first step is to get really clear on your intention. This is the why regarding what led you to embark on this experiment in the first place? What are you hoping to achieve? The why is just as important as the how regarding how psilocybin can potentially help you. Perhaps you’ve been struggling with brain fog and fatigue, your intention may be to experience more focus and energy at work. Maybe you have been feeling down, your intention may be to experience more joy in your daily life.

Why Is Intention So Important?

Intention is basically a focused thought directed at a desired outcome. You may have heard the saying, energy flows where attention goes. By setting an intention you are visualizing your desired outcome, feeling it and believing it to be so. This is putting the energy or e-motion (energy in motion) to align with what you wish to achieve and where you want to be. Without intention, you will likely still experience benefits in your life, but with intention it is more powerful, as you are attuning to the space you wish to be, putting the energy there, then taking the conscious action of actually taking the micro or macro dose on your chosen timeline.

How To Set An Intention

First, jot down all the reasons you can think of that you are going to try micro or macro dosing. Then, summarize all of the main points into a sentence or two. Say the intention aloud, then spend some time visualizing the outcome. Aside from just visualizing, you'll also want to use heartfelt emotion to feel how you want to feel, see yourself experiencing the benefits that you hope to achieve. Tap into that place within your heart that will feel more joy and then feel gratitude for what this whole experience has brought you.

Make sure your intention is realistic, setting your intention to win a million dollars for example, is not very realistic. Having appropriate expectations is essential, because if your expectation is not based in reality, it is unlikely you will set a positive intention that will provide what you want. It is important to remember that we don’t always get what we want, but will likely get what we need.

Examples of Intention

My intention is to experience more clarity, focus and creativity at work. My intention is to see things from a new perspective, broaden my horizons and change up my routine. My intention is to allow more magic and synchronicity into my life. My intention is to have more courage to share my ideas and see them through. My intention is to quit smoking. My intention is to see the beauty in the mundane and enhance my perception of what is right in from of me.

Intention Is Just As Important For Macrodosing As It Is For Microdosing

If you plan on doing one larger dose, then again, it’s really important to get clear on the why? What are you hoping to achieve during your trip? If you have the time, try and set your intention a week before you plan to take your macro. Then throughout the week, spend some time everyday saying your intention aloud and visualizing the outcome.

  • Are you having a hard time making a decision on a major life event?

  • Are you looking for some new insight into yourself and why you keep repeating the same pattern?

  • Do you have repressed grief, anger, sadness that you wish to release?

  • Are you lacking meaning, purpose and clarity in your life?

Now Your Order Has Arrived

Before taking your microdose, say your intention aloud while holding your dose, then swallow it while imagining the desired outcome. With microdosing you may not experience any benefits at all right away. By keeping a journal over the course of your experiment you can track small changes in your mood, energy levels, addictive tendencies, thought patterns, interactions with others, sleep etc. With a macro dose, you certainly may receive exactly what you needed during your trip. You may want to journal about your experience afterwards to help you to make sense of whatever information was received during the experience.

What is your intention? Care to share? Please feel free to do so in the comments. Much Love from the team at The Golden Teacher


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