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Microdosing VS. Macro Dosing

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Psilocybin microdose capsules on a wooden spoon next to a magic mushroom on a dinner plate

Micro to Macro - The Cosmic Scaling

Magic Mushrooms - maybe you’re familiar with them, maybe you’re not. Maybe you’ve tried them, maybe you haven’t. Maybe you’ve been to the deepest darkest depths of your being and met yourself from an entirely different perspective… maybe you’ve simply noticed subtle changes in your mood. There are a many ways to receive benefits from these specific fungi friends. From Microdosing, to Macrodosing. What’s the difference? What are the potential benefits of each? Let’s get into it.


A microdose is typically between 0.1 and 0.3 grams, sometimes less and sometimes a bit more. If these numbers and grams mean nothing to you, that’s okay! It’s in weight, and if you are using our products we have them all weighed out and portioned for you, so it takes away a lot of the hassle and potential fear of getting the dose right. The idea here, is that it’s not enough to get you “high” in any perceivable way. With a microdose you should be able to function exactly as you normally would, drive, go to work, interact with co-workers/friends etc. Microdosing will provide incremental improvements over a certain length of time. You may not notice anything for several weeks, though you could potentially notice a difference right away. You may want to keep a journal of your mood, how you are feeling, energy levels, productivity, focus, creativity, mindfulness etc. so you can keep track of the benefits that you are receiving. Microdosing is perfect for those who have no desire to “trip out” or “get high,” but are still curious about the many benefits of psilocybin.

Generally, the most common way to microdose is using microdose capsules. We have a variety of options for different body weights and our medical herbalist combines each of our microdoses with specific herbal blends for specific needs. Another great way to consume a microdose is in chocolate. We call our magic mushroom chocolate bar, Micro 100 Chocolate (100mg of psilocybin per square) You can find the rest of our microdose products here.

You can learn more about microdosing here.


Up until recently, this was the generally accepted way of consuming magic mushrooms. Though the term “macro” might feel like it’s very large, a macrodose could be anywhere from 0.5 grams to, well, the sky is the limit. However, a typical macrodose is between 2 - 8 grams consumed in one setting. Now this is not the way to take mushrooms if you have literally anything else to do that day. You will not be able to drive, go to work, or go about your daily business, and its best to ensure that you plan accordingly for that. People consume magic mushrooms in this way for a variety of reasons, from tripping out, to deep inner healing — the possibilities abound.

From my own extensive experience with taking magic mushrooms, from the early days of ignorance — using them as a fun supplement to drinking with friends around a fire. To taking it more seriously and having deep respect, appreciation and gratitude for what these teachers can offer. I now know that these fantastic fungi are medicine with the potential for profound insight and clarity and should be respected as such. Nowadays if I’m going to take a macrodose, I do so in a ceremonious way. I will plan for it by: avoiding all other substances for at least a week prior, set my intention and keep it on my mind leading up to the day of the dose, set up a sacred space, put on headphones with beautiful music, say a prayer (set an intention), shut my eyes and go inwards. Or I will do all of the above, without the music and go for a long walk in nature instead. Both of these methods have brought me profound insight, clarity and ultimately healing. I have found with these teachers, you may not always get what you want, but you are likely to get what you need.

The key is to create the proper set and setting. To ensure both your inner and outer landscapes are in the right place to begin your journey. ie. your intentions are set and you are in a comfortable and disturbance free space. At times the experience can be very dark and uncomfortable which is sometimes necessary to see what you are holding onto, what lies in your subconscious, to be honest with yourself. Try not to resist, because what you resist, persists. Lean in and allow, with curiosity. This may be followed by a loving, caring and compassionate presence. So long as you have the awareness that all of what you are experiencing is within you, an aspect of you that is coming to the forefront, then you should be able to navigate through any challenging experience. Have gratitude for the dark being brought to light, to be acknowledged, integrated and healed.

In Between Doses

Now, maybe you are someone who is curious, yet reluctant to dive right in to a full experience. For you I would recommend starting with a small, but noticeable dose of 0.5 - 1.5 grams. While this dose is quite small, it still has the potential for some big benefits. A dose of this size will be perceivable, but likely not overwhelmingly so and is a great place to start for beginners. Ideally with a close friend or someone who can act as a “trip sitter” to put your mind at ease.

Heroic Dose

Then there is the famous “heroic dose” termed by the late, great psychonaut himself, Terrence McKenna — an expert in the realm of magic mushrooms, which consists of 5 grams or more. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who doesn’t already have plenty of experience, and certainly not for a beginner. A dose of this size can be a very intense experience. The term “heroic” presupposes courage, and therefore understanding. Please don’t attempt this without a deep understanding and experience as this would not be heroic, but reckless.

As you can see there are many different ways to access the benefits of magic mushrooms. Please do so responsibly, remember that sometimes less is more. If you have no experience at all, start small and work your way up. Always have a good friend, ideally an experienced friend around who can be your “trip sitter” to be there for you while going through a difficult experience.

Ways To Dose

Raw Mushrooms: Weigh them out and either eat them raw or make some magic mushroom tea with them.

Capsules: If you want to skip the taste and just pop some caps, this is a great option.

Chocolate: Chocolate and mushrooms have a long history together for good reason. Chocolate tends to sweeten the experience of a mushroom trip.

We carry all 3 of these options on our Macrodose Products Page. What was the single most profound experience you received while under the influence of magic mushrooms? Feel free to share with us in the comments below. Much Love From The Team at The Golden Teacher.


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