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Tips for Testimonials

Of course, we want authentic testimonials, so, feel free to free form whatever you wish to say from your heart. We have also included 2 examples of effective testimonial templates to help your message come across to others who may benefit from hearing your story. 

Testimonial Template #1: The transformation explained

The reason this testimonial template works so well is that people don’t buy a product. They buy a better life. And this type of testimonial demonstrates how someone’s life was improved.

The template follows a 3-part structure:

  • Part 1: Explain what the situation was before a product or service was purchased

  • Part 2: Give specific reasons why you liked the product or service

  • Part 3: Describe using specific details how your life was improved

Testimonial Template #2: The objection busted

This second template explains a hesitation to buy or to hire someone, and why this hesitation was misplaced.

This template works well as a selling tool because if you’ve hesitated to buy, there’ll be others who hesitated for the same reason. By showing why you went ahead and why you’re glad you did, you help take away that same objection with others.

The template works as follows:

  • Part 1: Explain why you hesitated to purchase

  • Part 2: Describe why you decided to go ahead anyway (as you can see in the second example below, this part is optional)

  • Part 3: Provide details of your experience with the product or service

  • Part 4: Show how your life was improved

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